WLS Appendices

  • Appendix A - Introduction, Background, Questionnaires for telephone and Mail, Sampling Selection
  • Appendix D - Family including Household, Children, Parents, and Siblings
  • Appendix E - Occupation Coding and Variable Construction
  • Appendix F - Employment History, Detailed Job Change
  • Appendix G - Personality Items, Cognition, Comparisons, Closeness, Values and Attitudes, Volunteering
  • Appendix H - Selected Child and Nonnormative Children
  • Appendix M - Health, Caregiving, Alcohol, Depression, and Utilization of Health Care
  • Appendix P - Health Insurance Coding and Utilization of Health Care
  • Appendix Q - Coding for Types of Pensions and Retirement Plans
  • Appendix U - End of Life Preparation and Death Reaction