Change Notice #42 - data version 13.06 - June 2017


Archived and replaced four variables.

hh116/kh116 and hh117/kh117 have been archived and replaced by hh116rec/kh116rec and hh117rec/kh117rec, respectively. These measures are part of the non-normative extension.

Minor updates:

This measure is in Round 4 (the 199X wave) of the graduate telephone interview and looks at financial transfers between R and their parents or parents-in-law. The prior value of 6 "Not ascertained due to error in survey instrument" was re-coded to -4 "Not ascertained."

Finally, we updated the measure linking the phenotypic and genetic data. Previously this measure had a link for cases that were not actually in the genetic data. We fixed that by switching those cases to missing. In addition, as data for identical twins are only present once in the genetic data, we duplicated the value of this measure for the identical twins.