Change Notice #39 - data version 13.03 - November 2014

Major Updates

New Modules


Modules with New Measures

Status and Descriptive Variables

Mortality status and date of death variables for the graduates (livgrad, deatyr, deatmn) and siblings (xlivsib, xdeatyr, xdeatmn) are updated.

NDI Module

We matched known deaths to the National Death Index to update cause of death measures. In addition to the update, we now use the code of "-4" for measures of the state, the underlying cause, the number of entity-axis and the number of record-axis conditions for cases where we know the participant is deceased but we have yet to have a successful match to NDI data.

2011 CAPI Grad Friends Module

1957 Summary, Status, and Geography

Minor Corrections

2011 Graduate / Sibling Waves