Change Notice #37 - data version 13.01 - September 2013



Wave: Graduate and Sibling 2011

Release 13.01 is the first official release to include the 2011 wave of the WLS. Please see Graduate variables STAT11P and STAT11M and Sibling Variables XSTAT11P and XSTAT11M for outcome codes for the 2011 wave.

Major Updates

Mortality status of graduates and siblings has been updated through 5/2013. (Grad variables: livgrad deatyr deatmn; Sib variables xlivgrad xdeatyr xdeatmn)

Minor Corrections

* Corrected GV019RE and CV019RE. These variables measure the century month when caregiving began. We discovered a programming error where 114 graduate cases and 62 Sibling cases were incorrectly calculated.

* Corrected CB016RED and CB020RED in 2005 Sib Education module, where the 1975 grad's century month for Bachelor's degree and most recent degree instead of the sib's were carried over. These variables have been archived and replaced by CB116RED and CB120RED.

* 1975 wave Archived FRND1, FRND2, and FRND3, replaced with FRIEND1, FRIEND2, FRIEND3. Note: From release 12.24 to 12.29, the value in FRND1 was inadvertently overwritten by respondent's own ID for cases whose first best friend had already been named by another respondent listed prior in the data.

* The 2004 Child Roster was corrected for 2 sibling and 3 Grad cases.

* The 1993 Child Roster was corrected for 2 graduate case and 1 sibling case

* We discovered that SAQ data from one sibling participant was completed by the wrong person so we deleted the case.

* We discovered that CATI data for one sibling in 2005 was completed by the wrong person so we deleted the case.