Change Notice #36 - data version 12.29 - August 2012


Major Updates

Wave: Graduate 2004 and Sibling 2005 Phone
Module: End of Life - Death
New variables: gy726sp, gy808pa (graduate respondents); cy726sp, cy808pa (sibling respondents)
Archived variables: gy226sp, gy408pa (graduate respondents); cy226sp, cy408pa (sibling respondents)
The person who held the Health Care Durable Power of Attorney of the deceased spouse (gy226sp, cy226sp) or deceased parent (gy408pa, cy408pa) was mis-coded for certain cases. These variables have been archived and replaced by the corrected version, gy726sp, cy726sp, gy808pa and cy808pa, respectively. While only four graduate cases were affected by the coding errors in gy226sp, the errors resulted in mis-classification of 447 graduate cases in gy408pa. None of the sibling cases was affected in cy226sp, but the variable is replaced by cy726sp so it matches to the corresponding variable in the graduate sample, gy726sp. On the other hand, 235 sibling cases was mis-coded in cy408pa, which has been replaced by cy808pa. Please see COR 835 (graduate sample) and COR 975 (sibling sample) in Appendix U for details.

Minor Corrections

Wave: Graduate 2004 Phone
Module: End of Life - Death
Variables: gy245re
The value label for 11 in gy245re was mis-labeled as "Got Medicaid". The correct label should be "Got Medicare".