CHANGE NOTICE #26 July 2007


Change Notice #26 07/07 Updated WLS Data from WLS 1957 - 2004


If you received WLS data before July 31, 2007 please read this notice.


Additional Survey Data Available

Variables from the 2005 selected sibling phone survey and mail back

questionnaire are available in this most recent release.



Corrections/Additions to Previously Released Data


Status and Descriptive Variables


- Variables added to indicate the outcome of sibling phone and mail

interviews: xstat05p-phone XSTAT05M-mail.


- Mortality variables updated for recently deceased graduates and


livgrad - Is the graduate alive?

deatyr - Year of graduate's death.

deatmn - Month of graduate's death. (added for private users only)

xlivsib - Is the sibling alive?

xdeatyr - Year of sibling's death.

xdeatmn - Month of sibling's death. (added for private users only)


- Month and year of birth updated for approximately 200 cases in which

it was previously missing.

cmbrdx - Century month of graduate's birth.

brdxdy - Year of graduate's birth.

xcmbrdx - Century month of selected siblings birth.

xbrdxdy - Year of selected siblings birth.



1957-1994 Graduate and Sibling Surveys


- 1957: Renamed district to discode, so can match with HS with district data, private users only.

- 1975-1994: Variables for grad and sib proxy report of spouse's education

were misleading in previous versions of the data. edlsp combined current

spouse's education in 1975 (for grad's currently married in 1975) and

spouse's education at time of marriage (for grad's no longer married

in 1975) into one variable labeled "Educational attainment of

current/last spouse." edlspu is now spouse's education at time of

marriage for grads who are no longer married in 1975. mrceds remains

available with code for spouse's education at time of 1975 interview

for grads who were married in 1975. Similar changes were made for

siblings variables xedlsp and xedlspu. The 1993 graduate and 1994

sibling variables were also incorrectly labeled and contained "mixed"

codes. Two variables now replace rc010sp. rca10sp is spouse's

education in 1975 for those graduates who are still married to 1975

spouse; and rcb10sp is spouse's education at time of marriage for those

graduates who have been married since 1975 interview or who were not

interviewed in 1975. Similar variables for siblings - sca10sp

and scb10sp replace sc010spc.


- 1975: Childhood: Parent Information and Job Aspirations


Label on bmfaed was confusing. The way it was constructed, made

it fairly close to head of household education; the name and handbook

indicated father's education. Corrected by creating two separate

variables: 1. bmhhed, Best measure head of household and 2. bmfaedu

Updated best measure of father's education.

Two variables used to construct bmmaed and bmfaed were updated/corrected

in 1983 and 1993 and these updates and corrections were not carried

over to bmmaed and bmfaed. These corrections/ updates are not

in bmmaedu and bmfaedu. 1122 cases differ in value between

bmfaed and bmfaedu. 497 cases change for bmmaed to bmmaedu. Bmfaed and

bmmaed are available in the archived data set only.

See Appendix D, Cor972 for more details about these updates.

2004 Graduate Survey


- Summary variables - Additional variables about the graduate

2004 interview added.


GA501RE - GA675RE: Date of Each Attempted Contact with Graduate.

Includes Unusable Partial Cases.


GA701RE - GA875RE: Interviewer number of the person who made each

attempted contact with the graduate.

Includes unusable partial cases.


GA005RE Zip code of graduate's residence at time of 2004

interview now available for private users only.


- Phone: Mortality Closeout- Variables from the mortality closeout

questions are available now. The mortality closeout is administered

when an informant indicates that the graduate we are trying to reach

is no longer living. A few questions about graduate's last

employment and death are asked.


- Phone: Non-normative children screener. Variables removed from both public and private data until fall 2007 in order to carefully check all responses and analysis variables.

- Phone: Non-normative Child - Only one variable (gh135 Does this

child have a developmental disability or a mental illness?) remains in

the data file at this time. Remaining variables as listed in the

overview will be available in fall 2007 after extensive checking

correcting of data. gh135 is available to both public and private



- Phone: Children - Updates to about 120 cases for selected child

variables. Previous versions wrong selected child due to death of sel

child before 1993 interview. Affected variables are: GD003SK GD004SK






- Analysis variables for 467 graduates who were interviewed by mail

and not by phone are now included with graduate 2005 data.


- Phone: Marriage roster. Added gc191sp: Relationship since R's spouse

retired; and gc194sp: Main condition R's spouse has that limits work.

Corrections to 134 cases for GC011SP, GC012SP and GC013SP; to 316

cases for GC216SP and to 2373 cases for GC316SP (change from not

ascertained to inap since never intended to ask). Unresolved notes

were cleared up and appropriate changes made to the data.

- Phone: Household roster. Largest household is 9 members, removed

rostered variables 10-12. Added variables GE00901-GE00909, Number of

years household member has lived with respondent. Updated GE004n, gender of household member. Many cases coded gender unknown now have a valid gender code. Error in conversion to age corrected for variable GE00502. 2901 cases affected.

- Phone: Cognition Similarities - items which were coded discrepantly by

different coders were reviewed, and the discrepancies resolved.


- Phone: Internet - Corrections made to separate -2 (inapplicable)

and -4 (not ascertained). Most notable change is to GM006RE, where the

graduate answered the question because of instrument error (change from

2 to -2). Removed variables GMS03HE, GMS05HE, GMS08RE and GSM09HE. These variables do not have any value.