CHANGE NOTICE #24 – October 2006

Change Notice #24 – 10/06 Updated WLS Data from WLS 1957 - 2004

Various Corrections to 1957 – 2004 Data.

If you received WLS data before October 4,th 2006  please read this notice.


1957-1977 Surveys                 


¨     Modules in web codebook reorganized to allow for ease of finding



¨     CLGFD, CL1NM6, and CL2NM6 - changed inappropriate and not ascertained/

                  refused codes to match standard -2 and -3.


¨     MRST64 - previously coded ‘married/no date’ are actually ‘refused/not ascertained’.

                  MRYR64 for these cases recoded from ‘never married’ to ‘refused/not



¨     In 1964, 41 deceased graduates with no education info available were assumed

                  to have 12 yrs of education. For the entire module, these are recoded to

                  refused/not ascertained’.


¨     Variables moved to archives:  idsamp isverif hsr hsrnrm iqhnq iqhnscrq iq iqscor iqjrs  iqfcr iqfscor iqfrs iqjcr iqjscor edfa57 edmo57 plns58 plnsed nccled tchcnt tchinf tchenc parcnt parinf parenc frndpl milpln  marpln iqerr iqsource exper tenure  xiq xiqraw xiqyr xiqgd xiqscor  xidof01.  These variables are now only available in archvd57_94.


¨     XIDSWL deleted - use IDSWL instead.


¨     XSEXRSP deleted - use SSBSEX instead.



1993 Graduate Survey


¨     Additional variable: FIPS code for selected child's address at time of

                 1993 interview (RJA02SK).


¨     RF042JCF, RF044JCG, RF045JCG, RF046JCG, RF047JCG renamed to RFU42JCF,      RFU44JCG, RFU45JCG, RFU46JCG, RFU47JCG.  These variables were updated

                  in February 2006 and not renamed at that time.


¨     Variables moved to archives:  rf050j1d rf050j2d rf050j3d rf050j4d rf050jce rg066jjd rg067jjd.  These variables are now only available in archvd57_94.



2004 Graduate Survey


¨     Grad Mail extra cases filled into graduate phone.  Graduates who were unable or refused to complete a telephone interview  were sent a mail questionnaire.  This mail questionnaire was a slightly  modified version of the questionnaire sent to the grads who completed   the telephone survey.  The additional questions corresponded to a few  which would have been collected during the graduate telephone interview.

                  The corresponding variables in phone modules have been updated to include

these additional 467 respondents: GC003RE GC005RE GC010SP GC016SP GC015SP GD001KD GD103KD GD299 GD310_0 - GD310_4 GD335_0 - GD335_4 GF017JSC GF002JS GF043JCG GFU07JCE GF104JCD GF001JCD GF002JCD GF013JSC GF016JPF GFU07JPE  GF104JPD GF001JPD GF002JPD.


¨     Summary variables for graduates 2004 data split into two modules-

                  Data about the Graduates and Meta Data about the Interview.


¨     Ages in marriage module now in standard age format.


¨     GX202ARE (HUI3 Summary Score) in Graduate Health Module corrected.


¨     GI206RE (Version of letter fluency task) valid codes for many cases

                  previously coded missing.


¨     Emplyoment module, Corrections to these variables due to error carried

                  over from 1993 survey:


               Variable corrected          # cases                 


                        GF015J1D                   2373    

                        GF017J1E                   856  

                        GF018J1E                   1448  

                        GF019J1E                   1453  

                        GF020J1E                   1454  

                        GF042J1E                   930  

                        GF044J1E                   532  

                        GF045J1F                   923  

                        GF046J1F                   929    

                        GF047J1F                   930    


GF015J1D is 1990 Census detailed occupation code for first/only job in 1st employment        spell. GF015J1D updated due to previous error in 1993 last job.  Change to GF015J1D affected other variables listed above.


For those who did not change jobs since 1993, this affected gf015jce - 1990 Census detailed occupation code for first/only job in current/last employment spell and associated variables:


                   GF015JCE  927  

                   GF017JCF  541  

                   GF018JCF  921  

                   GF019JCF  926  

                   GF020JCF  927  

                   GF042JCF  573  

                   GF044JCG  331  

                   GF045JCG  567  

                   GF046JCG  573   

                   GF047JCG  573   


That in turn affected gf015jpe - 1990 Census detailed occupation code for first/only job in pre-retirement spell and associated variables:


                   GF015JPE 1286 

                   GF017JPF  760 

                   GF018JPF 1279 

                   GF019JPF 1285 

                   GF020JPF 1286 

                   GF042JPF  813 

                   GF044JPG  469 

                   GF045JPG  806 

                   GF046JPG  813 

                   GF047JPG  813 



¨     Updates to Other Income variables - for a few variables, about 50

                  cases were given more detailed values based upon the other specify

                  codes and the notes. 


¨     Updates to immediate and delayed recall variables.  Detailed checking/ coding resulted in valid codes for numerous cases previously coded “not ascertained” or

                  refused” for all variables in the recall module.


¨     End of Life Preparations -  GY031REC, GY032REC, and GY033REC corrected to be set to 2, "No", when R answered "No one" in GY034RE.  A very small number of cases (between 1 and 5, depending on the variable) were given more detailed values based on open-ended responses.


¨     End of Life Death -  GY403PA and  GY220SP:  correction to numerous cases previously coded system missing.


¨     Religion - GL008SPD.  Spouse’s religious preference at time of marriage carried over from 1993 interview if available to “fill-in” for  5154 cases previously not coded since question not asked in 2004 if grad in same marriage.


¨     Corrections to the following variables from the mail survey:


IA004MRE  (month mail survey returned) for about 100 cases.

                  IX082REC  (total # of physical symptoms) for 2000 + cases. 

                  IX082RED  (# of physical symptoms items answered) for about 50 cases. 

                  IX117RED (# of illness items answered) for 1200 cases.

                  IX013REC  (does R currently smoke?) for 2798 cases. 


                 The coding for IXSP01RE takes the Respondent's answer to q1m (question 1 in

                  gmail.marriage, analysis var IC001RE) into consideration. These respondents

                  gave an answer implying they had a spouse for IXSP01RE, but said they did

                  not have a spouse for q1m/IC001RE.  Due to the response to q1m/IC001RE,

                  they were coded as -2 for IXSP01RE.