CHANGE NOTICE #19 - 12/99

New Edition of Wave 2 (1992-1993) WLS Respondent data and documentation.

A new edition (DPLS edition 7) of the second wave WLS data has been released.

If you received second wave data before December 1, 1999, please read this notice.

Summary of the Wave 2 - 9/99 (released 12/1/99) update (see below for details):

The SEVENTH edition of the 1992/93 WLS differs from previous releases in the following way:

Errors which existed in previous releases have been corrected in this release.

The sections affected by these changes are BEG, COGN, CRST, EMJA, EMJC, EMJS, FUTR, JOBC, MARR, SKID, SSIB, and WLS23M.