CHANGE NOTICE #13 - 3/31/98 WLS 1993/94 siblings

New Edition of Wave 3 (1993-1994) WLS Sibling data and documentation.

A new edition (DPLS edition 2) of the third wave WLS silbing data has been released.

All of the pages for WLS: 1993/94 sibling survey have been updated.

If you received third wave data before March 31, 1998, please read this notice.

Summary of the Wave 3 - 3/98 update (see below for details):

The SECOND edition of the 1993/94 sibling WLS differs from previous releases in the following ways:


  1. Changes have been made to the data and documentation for the psychological section (XPSYB). In previous releases, the response "neither agree or disagree" was treated as missing data along with "don't know" or refused. The updated total scores assign a mid-point to the "neither agree or disagree" response. The individual questions have also been recoded to reflect this change and to avoid confusion in the future.
  2. Three new variables have been added to the education section (XEDUC) regarding high school attendance.
  3. Missing data has been filled in for high school last attended and date of last attendance.

  5. The mail survey documentation (WLS23SM.ASC) has a note added about the psychological variables.
  6. The revised list of variables for the mail survey (WLS23SM.LIS) corrects a minor error.

Details of the Wave 3 - 3/98 updates: