CHANGE NOTICE #11 - 3/31/98

Change Notice #11 - 3/31/98

New Edition of Wave 1 (1957-1977) WLS Respondent and Sibling data and documentation.

A new edition (DPLS edition 7) of the first wave WLS data has been released.

All of the pages for WLS: 1957-1977 surveys have been updated.

If you received first wave data before March 31, 1998, please read this notice.

Summary of the Wave 1 - 3/98 update (see below for details):

The SEVENTH edition of the 1957-1977 WLS differs from previous releases in the following ways:

  1. Characteristics of last college attended as of 1975: new module.
  2. Company characteristics for current or last job held as of 1975: new module.
  3. Complete job histories for women in chronological order from 1957-1993: new module.
  4. Occupational aspirations from 1957 recoded to 1970 Census standards: new variables.
  5. Cognitive test scores (IQ): new variables.*
  6. IQERR, describes differences between original and updated cognition variables: new variable.*
  7. Updates have been made to correct minor errors in data and documentation for XIQ, XIQRAW, XIQYR, XIQGD, XIQSCOR, and IQSOURCE.*
  8. New release of WLSGV Extract Program includes all new variables.
  9. Appendices originally in Word Perfect have been replaced with ASCII files.
  10. Additional appendices are now available in machine-readable form.
  11. Notes have been added to the documentation describing updates to death variables.
  12. New links to WLS papers have been added.

  13. *These update data for siblings as well as graduates.

Details of the Wave 1 - 3/98 updates: