CHANGE NOTICE #8 - 4/24/97

Change Notice #8 - Update to New Edition of Wave 3 (1993/94) WLS Sibling Data.

Additional variables have been added to the third wave WLS sibling data (DPLS edition 1).

All of the pages for WLS: 1993/94 sibling telephone and mail surveys now reflect this update.

If you received third wave data before April 24, 1997, please read this notice.

This 4/97 update of the 1993/94 Sibling WLS differs from the original release of 3/97 in the following way:

Twenty-one variables about Sexual Harassment and Job Discrimination have been added to the section on Current/Last Job Characteristics - XJOBC.

SG066RE                 Was respondent in random 50% sample to receive

                        questions regarding descrimination and sexual


SG067RE                 Discrimination or sexual harassment prior to the

                        last job.

SG068RE-SG074RE         Discrimination and/or sexual harassment in most recent


SG075RE-SG0086RE        Complaints filed regarding sexual harassment or

                        discrimination in most recent job; resolution of

                        those complaints, perceived fairness.

To use the extract program - WLSGV - with the expanded XJOBC section, it is necessary to copy the revised version of wls23s.prg.

The April 1997 release of wls23s.prg must be used for the module XJOBC (Wages and salary for sibling 1993-94 telephone respondents). The earlier version of wls23s.prg had an error in the XJOBC section.

The correct version of wls23s.prg is now available in both readprg.exe (for PC users) and readprg.tar.Z (for Unix users).

This version of wls23s.prg also contains the list of additional variables that were added to XJOBC in April of 1997.