CHANGE NOTICE #6 - 3/26/97

Change Notice #6 - Updates to New Edition of Wave 1 (1957-77) WLS Data.

A new edition (DPLS edition 6) of the first wave WLS data has been released.

All of the pages for WLS: 1957-77 Surveys now reflect this new edition.

If you received first wave data before March 26, 1997, please read this notice.

Summary of the Wave 1 - 3/97 update (see below for details):

The SIXTH edition of the 1957-1977 WLS differs from previous releases in the following way:

  1. New flag variables indicating relationships between respondents, between respondents and sibs, and between sibs (for example, spouse, roommate, same-sex couple, sibling) have been created.
  2. Nine additional primary respondents who are also selected siblings of other primary respondents had their data copied to the proper sibling variables in the Wave 1 data. This update effects the data and documentation for XSTAT93P and XSTAT93M. ALL sibling variables in columns 2401-3654, and 3824-3871 have also been updated to include these new cases.
  3. Death variables for currently alive and cause of death have been updated.
  4. Three new variables about date of death and state where death occurred have been added.
  5. Data has been updated to correct minor errors in SIBHS, XXHISC, SSBED, SSBSEX.
  6. Documentation has been corrected for errors in PLCOLLQ and EDEQYR.
  7. Memos on selection of WLS variables and use of IQ and High School Rank Variables have been added to the machine-readable appendices.

Details of the Wave 1 - 3/97 updates: