How to Acknowledge WLS in Papers and Presentations

We request that you acknowledge the WLS in your research. We suggest the following wording:

This research uses data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, funded by the National Institute on Aging (R01 AG009775; R01 AG033285; R01 AG060737 ).

Researchers using the genomic data should also include R01 AG041868.

We also suggest you cite the version of the data file you used in your paper's bibliography. The current version of WLS data is 13.08. When you download the complete dataset the version number is part of the file name.

Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS) [graduates, siblings, and spouses]: 1957-2020 Version 13.08. [machine-readable data file] / Hauser, Robert M., William H. Sewell, and Pamela Herd. [principal investigator(s)]. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Madison, WLS. [distributor]; <>

Send us your work!

When you download WLS data you agree to inform us of your papers and publications based on the data. We use this information to keep the WLS Bibliography current.

If you use WLS data to produce any of the following, please send the bibliographic reference (including a PMCID and/or DOI, if available) to

  • Doctoral dissertation or Master's thesis
  • Book or Book chapter
  • Journal article
  • Working paper

If you wish, you may attach a PDF copy of the product to your e-mail.


To summarize the data we suggest you cite this article in your research.

Herd, Pamela, Deborah Carr, and Carol Roan. 2014. "Cohort Profile: Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS)." International Journal of Epidemiology 43:34-41 PMCID: PMC3937969 doi:10.1093/ije/dys194