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On-line Data Archive:

Data files and associated documentation are being assembled for archiving purposes by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA). Once the data and associated documentation are assembled and digitally archived, the data will be made available for research purposes.

The WAIS documentation is currently unavailable on the CDHA website's searchable database. The WAIS documentation is available from this site in downloadable form, as an EndNote database (WAISpapers.enl). Those who wish to search this database can use the links below to download a free trial version of EndNote 7.0 and then download, view, and search the WAISpapers.enl database.

Click here to download the free trial version of EndNote.

Click here to download the WAISpapers.enl database.




Please send questions, comments or suggestions to cdhadata@ssc.wisc.edu.