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link/photo of Abbott sessionTheory@Madison is a forum that aims to bring sociologists together from all across the department and discipline—graduate students and faculty with many different theoretical as well as methodological and substantive orientations—in a serious dialogue concerning foundational issues in the social sciences. It is not a weekly brownbag for the theory subfield of the department, but rather, a more inclusive, wide-ranging colloquium series that encompasses areas as diverse as the philosophy of science, race theory, stratification research, ethnographic theory, normative political philosophy, cultural inquiry, action theory, gender studies, and historical analysis. Theory@Madison provides a space in which already published selections in those areas, as well as the occasional work in progress, can be read and discussed. In the past, we have followed seminar-style sessions on particular theorists' work with open, unstructured "conversations" with those same theorists. This year, we shall occasionally go back to that format, while also experimenting with others, such as one-time-only meetings with theorists in which we distribute selections by them ahead of time to provide a framework and an agenda for our conversations.
Mustafa Emirbayer and Philip Gorski, co-founders and co-coordinators.

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link/photo of Abbott session


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