SSRS Administration provides full-spectrum support for the preparation of grant proposals and management of funded research projects. SSRS has considerable experience with procedures for NIH and NSF funding, and has also worked with many private organizations which fund social science research.

SSRS can help with all aspects of proposal preparation, allowing the researcher to focus on the development of the scientific research plan.

Overview of SSRS grant proposal preparation and management services:

  • SSRS staff keep current with NIH requirements (forms, deadlines, electronic submission). We will advise you on what you will need to do to prepare your proposal properly. We keep abreast of formatting requirements, rule changes, etc. and make sure you know what you need to submit a "clean" proposal.
  • SSRS staff project-manage preparation of all parts of the grant proposal. Proposal preparation involves a great deal of planning as well as the ability to work well under the pressure at deadline time. SSRS staff has been through the process many times and we can help.
  • Researchers can identify broad categories of costs to be included in a grant proposal. With the Principal Investigator, SSRS will draft detailed budgets, obtain budget clearances from the university, and prepare (paper or electronic) budget documents to be included in the proposal.
  • For paper proposals (now being phased out by NIH), SSRS prints the entire proposal in proper assembly sequence. This can involve hundreds of files in several different software programs, and all must be paginated in sequence. We make the appropriate copies and prepare them for delivery to the funding agency.
  • For electronic proposals, SSRS staff have extensive expertise with electronic submission systems for grant proposals. Our PIs need little contact with these systems. This allows PIs to focus only on the "science" of the proposal and lets us keep current on the changes in technology.
  • The PI writes the abstract, budget justification, research plan, human subjects, and literature cited. SSRS staff prepare the form pages, develop budgets (in consultation with PIs), and help PIs manage the proposal preparation process by sending timely reminders, collecting necessary information, etc. SSRS then collects ALL the proposal pieces together, uploads the pieces to the electronic system (or prints it in sequence), routes it through the University, and prepares the proposal (paper or electronic) for delivery to the funding agency.
  • SSRS archives proposals and create PDFs for distribution.
  • If a proposal is funded, SSRS staff assists the PI in negotiations with funding agencies on budgetary matters, and provides liaison with units internal and external to the UW-Madison.
  • SSRS staff manage post-award accounting and project financial management.
  • SSRS assists with preparation of annual progress reports. PIs write the short progress report; SSRS staff take care of budget reporting, forms preparation, and submission of the report.

SSRS administers research grants which include faculty from a wide variety of UW-Madison departments, colleges and schools. Currently these are: Sociology, Economics, Statistics, and Psychology (College of Letters & Science); Rural Sociology (College of Ag & Life Sciences); Industrial Engineering (College of Engineering); Consumer Sciences (School of Human Ecology); Population Health Sciences and Psychiatry (School of Medicine and Public Health); and Law School, School of Social Work, and School of Nursing.

SSRS currently administers research grants with contractual/collaborative relationships with the following institutions: University of Wisconsin Survey Center, Rutgers State University, Georgia State University, University of Minnesota, University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Michigan State University, West Virginia University, University of Michigan, University of Puerto Rico, University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), University of Costa Rica, Colegio de Mexico, and Fudan University (China).

Administration of Grants

Researchers may use the all or part of the available services of SSRS to submit research proposals and have grant funds administered. This does not, however, preclude a social science researcher choosing to have her/his proposal and grant administered through an academic department or another research center or institute. Resources generated from SSRS-administered grants in the form of return of overhead will be shared by SSRS and the research center and/or academic department of the faculty member obtaining a grant. Decisions about the allocation of these funds will be made by the SSRS Steering Committee.

SSRS Pre- and Post-Award Administrative Staff

Other Administrative Services

Acknowledging grant funding in papers and presentations

NIH Public Access Policy guidance

Grant writing advice

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-- NIAID does not fund social science research, but their grant-writing advice is excellent and widely applicable to all kinds of NIH applications

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-- this site contains a blog and lots of advice for preparing grant proposals to NIH, NSF and other funding agencies. The "Grantsmanship Downloads" powerpoints are especially useful.

CDE Grants database (contact Janet Clear for access)
-- many examples of proposals submitted by PIs at CDE. Password-protected to preserve the integrity of the research being proposed.

NIH Executive Report (contact Janet Clear for access)
-- a grant writing how-to manual from the Principal Investigators Association. This is copyrighted material, it is password-protected so only local users will be able to access it.

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