After-Hours Lab Access Request

The SSCC computer labs are open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday. The following groups are eligible for 24/7 access to the 4218 and 2470 labs.

  • All SSCC Full Members
  • All Graduate Students with an SSCC Account
  • Undergraduate students involved in a research project. Please bring a printed email or show an email on a phone/computer that shows you are assisting an SSCC member with a research project.

The 3218 lab is available for 24/7 access to users who teach classes. This allows you to schedule early morning, night, and weekend teaching classes if necessary.

To get after-hours access, bring your Wiscard to room 4226 during normal business hours - 9am to 4pm M-F. Or, if a lab monitor is on duty in lab 4218 - usually from 4pm to 9pm M-F, you can bring your Wiscard there.

Your card's security chip will be scanned into our lock system. Note that access is directly connected to the card itself, not your NetID number. When you get a new Wiscard you will need to repeat these steps.

You cannot request after hours access online. Your physical Wiscard with your photo on it is required.

Please note, this grants access only to the specified computer labs and does not grant general access to the building. You will need to arrange building key access with your department if you plan to use the labs late night or on weekends.