SSCC is Open***

The Social Science Computing Cooperative is open and ready to help you with your computing needs, but our staff are mostly working from home.

The SSCC Help Desk is available during our usual hours (9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00) by phone (262-9917), email (, or video chat. To use video chat, email the Help Desk and they’ll send you instructions. It’s especially important right now to send all requests to the Help Desk rather than individual staff members, just in case someone gets sick.

Statistical consulting is available via email, or video chat. Set up statistical consulting appointments via the statistical consulting page and they will be via video chat.

Our PC Support staff occasionally go into the Sewell Social Science Building to solve problems that require their physical presence, but they also have tools that allow them to fix issues with desktop and laptop computers remotely. Contact the Help Desk for support as always.

SSCC’s computer labs are locked. If you are in the building and have after-hours access to the labs you are welcome to use them, but we suggest disinfecting the computer you work at. Cleaning supplies are available on the lab monitor desk in 4218–please let us know if they run out.

SSCC can maintain operations indefinitely with all our staff working from home and we hope that by doing so we’ll avoid them getting sick, which would be far more disruptive. We hope that SSCC’s remote access tools will make it possible for you to do the same, and are happy to help you use them. Stay healthy!