Tools for Working from Home

SSCC has a variety of tools for remote access that can make working from home productive:

  • You can log into your office computer using remote desktop or screensharing—but this requires some setup by SSCC Staff
  • You can log into Winstat or Linstat for full access to both software and files on the network
  • You can access files on the network via VPN

Working From Home and Other Remote Locations describes the options and will point you to the appropriate instructions for using them.

We have reviewed our readiness for a pandemic, and our only concern is that if a large fraction of our members tried to use Winstat at once it might be overwhelmed. So we suggest logging into your office computer if it will do what you need—but this requires some setup by SSCC Staff. If you anticipate ever needing remote access to your office computer, contact the Help Desk now to get it ready to go.

We always recommend leaving your computer so it can run updates and such overnight—it will go into sleep mode and use minimal electricity—but it’s especially important right now. One thing we can’t do remotely is turn your computer on for you so you can use it from home.

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