Time to Renew SSCC Member Accounts

The Social Science Computing Cooperative has a policy requiring annual renewal of all accounts. For those with Lab accounts, this process has already happened. SSCC Members should click on the following link and fill out the (very brief) form:


Please take a moment to renew your account right now. Member accounts that are not renewed will be closed on June 17th, 2019.

The annual account renewal process allows us to close accounts that are no longer needed, and gives us information we need for budgeting purposes. If you have graduated from UW-Madison, or are about to, simply do not renew your account and it will be closed automatically. If you need to keep your account in order to continue a collaboration with someone at SSCC, renew your account and make sure your sponsoring department or agency knows they should not request that it be closed. (SSCC’s member agencies make decisions about which accounts they will sponsor, not SSCC staff.)

Not sure if you have a Member account or a Lab account? Click on the link and log in, and it will tell you if you don’t need to renew your account at this time.

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