Time to Renew Your SSCC Account

SSCC has an policy of requiring that member accounts be renewed annually. This allows us to close accounts that are no longer needed and gather information we need for budgeting purposes. To renew your account, click here and fill out the form. It will take you three minutes or less. There are a few exceptions:

If you purchased an account individually or through a research group rather than through one of our member agencies, we will contact you (or the person who purchased the account) when it is time to renew. This includes members from the Wisconsin School of Business.

If you have an instructional account, you will not use┬áthis process to renew your account. Instead, you’ll get an email with instructions. This includes Econ Masters’ students and most grad students outside Sociology and Economics. If you’re not sure, click on the link and the form will tell you if you need to fill it out or not.

Accounts that are not renewed will be closed on June 15, 2017.

Note: if your email program says the digital signature on the email message you got about account renewal is not valid, your computer probably isn’t configured to trust signatures from Entrust. We’re glad you actually checked, but the message is legitimate. (UW-Madison recently switched certificate providers from Entrust to Comodo and the message should have used a Comodo signature.)

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