Research and Internship Opportunities

Current opportunities for research and internships are listed below. They vary greatly, ranging from simple but repetitive tasks done by untrained or inexperienced students in support of research, to opportunities for more advanced students to write papers or proposals about the research, either alone or with the supervising researcher.

Please read the descriptions and attached documents (if any) carefully before applying. Please also note the Term for which the research or internship is available.

Term: Spring 2018
Status: Open
Faculty: Prof. Pamela Oliver
Description: The Dynamics of Black Protests 1994-2010. Students will will spend most of their time coding news stories that refer to Black protests during this time period. The work requires access to a computer and the internet. Students will also be assigned articles to read about Black protests and protest research, and will be expected to check in weekly.
Requirements: The ability to read news articles in English with good understanding of idiomatic English writing. Accuracy and attention to detail are essential. We prefer sociology or other social science or media studies majors, and prefer students who have taken a basic research methods class. Students from disadvantaged or historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.
Check here for further details: 1184-Oliver-320