Spring 2014


Date Presentation
Jan 24 Lily Liang

Precarious Living: How 36 Women Managed to Live Under One Roof in Shanghai

Jan 31 Vivek Astvansh

Right the Wrong: The Consumer Effect of a Firm’s Pre-Complaint Apology Following a Transgression

Feb 7 David Schelly

Social Networks of Autism in Costa Rica

Feb 14 Rob Chiles

The Role of Social Interaction in the Legitimation of Problematic Activities

Feb 21 Half-Baked Idea Day

Joshua Raclaw: Using Conversation Analysis to Examine the Science of Peer Review


Daanika Gordon: Policing the Segregated City: Examining a Police Department’s Redistricting Process

Feb 28 Matt Hollander

Resistance to Authority in Milgram’s Obedience Experiment

Mar 7 No SPAM (Visit Day)
Mar 14 Casey Stockstill

The Stuff of Childhood

Mar 21 No SPAM (Spring Break)
Mar 28 Anne Rawls (co-hosted with Theory@Madison)


8417 Sewell

Apr 4 Joan Fujimura

What is Race in the Age of Genomics?

Apr 11 Dagoberto Cortez

Cultivating Collective Action: Contesting Growth Logic Using Deliberative Democratic Tactics

Apr 18 Laura Lopez-Sanders (cohosted with Race & Ethnicity)

Is Brown the New Black? The Dynamics of Racial Turnover in New Immigrant Destinations


3470 Sewell

Apr 25 Doug Maynard

On ‘End of Life’ Conversations in Oncology: Observations about the Local Social Order in Cancer Care

May 2 Half Baked Idea Day

Amy Jones: The New Affirmative Action: Students of Color and the Burden of Diversity Work

Jaclyn Wypler: Queer Country Farmers in Urban and Rural Spaces