Fall 2013


Date Presentation
Sep 6 Organizational Meeting
Sep 13 Matthew Andersson, University of Iowa

“More than a Feeling: Emotional Well-Being and the Activation of Education”

Sep 20 Nicole Kraus

“Monolithic Prejudice Reconsidered.”

Sep 25 (Wed) Elijah Anderson, Yale University

Department Colloquium;

8417 Sewell; 12:15-2pm

“Trayvon Martin and the New American Color Line”

Sep 27 No SPAM
Sep 30 (Mon) Bo Paulle, University of Amsterdam

(cohosted with Race and Ethnicity Brownbag)

“Toxic Schools”

3470 Sewell; 12pm-1pm

Oct 4 Matt Hollander

“Resistance to Authority in Milgram’s Obedience Experiment”

Oct 11 Jason Turowetz

“Diagnosing Autism: How the Clinical Assessment Process Shapes Diagnostic Decisions”

Oct 18 Jenn Sims

“Doing Race: Physical Appearance, Identity and the Micro-Politics of Racial Ambiguity”

Oct 25 Katie Fallon and John DeLamater

“Race and Gender Performativity in Online Pornographic Videos”

Nov 1 Colin Jerolmack, New York University

“Talk is Cheap: Ethnography and the Attitudinal Fallacy”

3470 Sewell 12-1:30pm

Nov 8 Nora Cate Schaeffer and Dana Garbarski

“Rapport, Sensitivity, and Proxy Reporting: Questions about End-Of-Life Planning and Interviewer-Respondent Interaction”

(Dana Garbarski, Nora Cate Schaeffer, and Jennifer Dykema)

Nov 15 Half-Baked Idea Day

Adam Talkington: “Kinship Care and the American Family.”

Rob Chiles:

“Production/Consumption Dynamics: Meat Controversies, Consumer Culture, and Everyday Life”

Nov 22 Waverly Duck, University of Pittsburgh

“From White, Black, Middle Class to Poor: How an Urban Neighborhood Changed”

Nov 29 NO SPAM (Thanksgiving)
Dec 6 Professional Development-John DeLamater

“Time and Career Management”

Dec 13 SPAM-O-RAMA (End-of-Semester Solidarity Ritual)