Below are the PCS schedules and linked files from previous semesters. The training seminar takes place every semester, but records of the schedule were only kept sporadically. Semester schedules not shown here exist in collective memory only.

Spring 2015 Schedule

Jan 20  Organization
Jan 27  Political sociology prelim discussion
Feb 3  Chaeyoon Lim Unemployment and Civic Engagement (unless a student wants the slot)
Feb 10
Feb 17  Michael Blix
Feb 24 Taylan Acar
Mar 3  Yuqiong Li
Mar 10  Ayca Zayim
Mar 17
Mar 24  Richard Aviles
Mar 31 Spring break
Apr 7
Apr 14  Jee Jee Kim ?
Apr 21   Lindsey Twin
Apr 28  Rahul Mahajan “”Legibility Projects and Illegibility Strategies in the Digital World: the NSA and the Challenge of Strong Encryption”
May 5  ?half-baked thesis day? Laura Schlachter?

Fall 2014 Schedule

Sep 2  Organizational meeting
Sep 9  Peter Hart-Brinson. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. “Imagination and Attribution: The Changing Social Ontology of Homosexuality and Support for Same-Sex Marriage.”
Sep 16  Taylan Acar. “The Role of Social Ties and Networks in Educational Performance of Students with Migration Background in Germany”
Sep 23  Alex Hanna. “Developing a System for the Automated Coding of Protest Event Data”
Sep 30  Anya Paretskaya. “Tocqueville on the Barricades: Searching for the Culture of Democratic Liberty at Russian Protests”
Oct 7 Loka Ashwood (practice job talk)
Oct 14  Robert Vargas
Oct 21  Michael Blix & Chaeyoon Lim
Oct 28  Matt Kearney ““The Global Transformation of Abortion Attitudes, 1945-present.””
Nov 4  Political sociology prelim meeting
Nov 11  Trevor Young-Hyman. “”Cooperating without Co-Laboring: How Formal Organizational Control Moderates the Effectiveness of Inter-Occupational Interaction in Project Teams”
Nov 18  Rahul Mahajan. “Rethinking Corruption After the Financial Bailout”?
Nov 25  Richard Aviles
Dec 2  (Myra Marx Ferree)
Dec 9 Kristinn Mar Arsaelsson: A constitution written by the people? A case study of the Icelandic experiment.
Dec 16  Michael Blix
Spring 2015 notes April 21 Quincy Stewart joint with R&E and DemSem TBC

Spring 2014 Schedule

Jan 28 [Legal Studies workshop with Casey Faucon]
Feb 4  David Schelley – “Spatial patterns of autism in Costa Rica”
Feb 11 Professional workshop on collaboration [Audio]
Feb 18 Tressie McMilliam Cottom
Feb 25 Jake Carlson – Model Employers and Model Cities?: Bangalore’s public sector and the rise of IT
March 4 Jee Jee Kim – “Failed State? The Case of North Korea”
March 11 Dingeman Wiertz – “Ethnic mixing and sorting in voluntary associations; evidence from a Dutch panel study”
March 25 Alex Hanna – “Developing a System for the Automated Coding of Protest Event Data”
April 1 Jane Jenson – “Intersecting regimes. Lone-parent families and new social risks in the European Union”
April 8 John Liu and Erik Olin Wright – “Fieldnotes from Taipei: Observations in the Sunflower Movement”
April 15 Michael Blix
April 22 Madeleine Pape – “Gender Relations and Participatory Budgeting: The Case of Chicago”
April 29 Robert Thomas
May 6 Yassin Boughaba – “Turnout and national origin. Political participation in a working-class town in Switzerland”
May 13 Susannah Camic Tahk

Fall 2013 Schedule

Sept 3 Organizational meeting
Sept 10 Jee Jee Kim. Intro Freedom? Human Trafficking in Sino-North Korean Border Regions
Sept 17 Pauline Cullen. The European Social Platform: Strategic Coalition or Social Movement Organizational Community?
Sept 24 Chaeyoon Lim. A Better Life in First Class: Inequality in Experienced Well-being and Time Use in South Korea
Oct 1 Victor Jew. Re mapping Wisconsin’s Racial Landscape: Refugee Policymaking as Contingent Path Dependencies, 1975-1980.
Oct 8 Bob Thomas. Academic Industry? A Historical Look at the Use of Research Autonomy in Industry
Oct 15 Barry Eidlin. Class vs. Special Interest: Labor Regimes and Union Strength in the US and Canada 1911-2011
Oct 22 Javier Rodriguez
Oct 29 Yue Du
Nov 5 Paul Pryse. Tea Party: Status Anxiety vs. Power Devaluation
Nov 12 Tianna Paschel
Nov 19 Hae Yeon Choo. ” Selling Fantasies of Rescue: Intimate Labor among Filipina Migrant Hostesses and American GIs in a Shifting Global Order “
Nov 26 Michael Blix
Dec 3 Rahul Mahajan. Legitimization vs. Latent Functions: Torture, Counterinsurgency, and U.S. Military Accountability in the Post-9/11 Era.
Dec 10 Zach Baumgart. Policing and Political Participation.

Spring 2013 Schedule

Jan 22 Organizing session
Jan 29 Barry Eidlin – Class vs. Special Interest: Labor Regimes in the US and Canada
Feb 5 Chaeyoon Lim –  How Was Your Weekend? Religion and Good Life
Feb 12 Matt Kearney – Parsimony in Class Analysis
Feb 19 Seong Won. Cross-national variation in STEM occupational aspirations.
Feb 26 Pamela Oliver. The Ethnic Dimension in Social Movements
March 5 Richard Aviles – Historical Trends in Electoral Racial Threat: Preliminary Results
March 12 Zach Baumgart
March 19 Political sociology prelim discussion.
March 26 Spring break. No session.
April 2 Alex Hanna – “Media and the Dilemma of Collective Action in the Egyptian Revolution”
April 9
April 16 Aliza Luft: “Risk-taking behavior in violent social contexts: Resistance among perpetrators in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.”
April 23 Anya Paretskaya – “This is What Democracy Sounds Like: Protest Songs of the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising.”
April 30 Di Wang – Survival of Feminist Activism in China
May 7 Robert Vargas. Gangstering Grants: Politics and the Persistence of Gang Violence in Chicago”

Fall 2012

Sep 4 organizational
Sep 11 Madeleine Pape – “Regional Development Politics in a Coal Community”. link to abstract and short background information
Sep 18 Nikki Butkovich Kraus. “Admitting Diversity: Migrant Laborers and the Political Economy of Russian Cities” Abstract
Sep 25 Sylvia Walby, “Gender, neoliberalism and the crisis in the UK and EU”
Oct 2 Kate Anderson – “Farmer Union Influence in Water Quality”
Oct 9 (political sociology prelim faculty meet).We suggest an alternate event: Dr. Clare Bielby, Lecturer University of Hull, UK – “Mothering the Nation: The Violent Woman in the West German Press of the 1960s and 1970s”. Gender and Women Studies seminar, Sterling Hall #3409
Oct 16 (Lim talk rescheduled.)
Oct 23 Daniel Blocq. “Determinants of the Preparedness of Dutch Soldiers to Sacrifice Life During Military Operations.”
Oct 30 Chaeyoon Lim, “The Lonely Crowd: How local religious contexts shape the social ties and civic engagement of the non-religious
Nov 6 Sarah Stefanos
Nov 13 Amanda Mcmillan – “Ghosts of farming past and future: Narrative and the graying of agriculture” Abstract
Nov 20 Barry Eidlin-  “Repression and Rebirth: Red Scares and the New Left in the U.S. and Canada, 1946-1972. (link takes you to a copy of the paper)Barry Eidlin’s web page:
Nov 27 Loka Ashwood.
Dec 4 Rahul Mahajan
Dec 11 Ayca Zayim

Spring 2012

Jan 24 Joint session with CDE Mike Massoglia
Jan 31 Aliza Luft “Does Racism Explain Genocide Perpetrators’ Motives? The Significance of Racism for Genocide in Rwanda”
Feb 7 Yifei Li “Growth Machine and Local Environmental Politics: Case Study of Plastic Bag Ordinance in Marin County, California”
Feb 14
Feb 21 Political sociology prelim meeting
Feb 28 Fiona Greenland “The Parthenon Marbles as Icons of Nationalism in 19th century Britain”
Mar 6 Ivan Ermakoff
Mar 13 Alex Hanna
Mar 20 Zach Baumgart “Friends or foes: an analytical framework for understanding conceptual dynamics between police and protesters.”
Mar 27 Megan Shoji. Ethical Issues in Field Research– Professional Development Workshop
Spring Break
Apr 10 Matt Kearney
Apr 17 Ramya Rajagopalan
Apr 24 Sida Liu – “Migration and Stratification: The Spatial Mobility of Chinese Lawyers” (Sida Liu, Lily Liang, and Ethan Michelson)
May 1
May 8 Ramya Rajagopalan

Fall 2011

Sep 13 Pamela Oliver – “The Racial Politics of Mass Incarceration”
Sep 20 Bob Freeland-  “Managerial Control is Alienating and Often Inefficient, So Why Do Firms Dominate the Capitalist Economy and Sometimes Even Perform Well?”
Sep 27 professional development session: writing proposals for fellowship competitions
Oct 4 Rahul Mahajan
Oct 11 Chaeyoon Lim
Oct 18 Laura Heideman
Oct 25 Nicole Kraus – “Connecting Nationalism and Prejudice Through Xenophobia: A Dissertation Proposal in the Making “
Nov 1
Nov 8 Joseph Harris
Nov 10 SPECIAL SESSION ON THURSDAY.Fabio Rojas “Hybrid Activism: Social Movement Mobilization in a Multi-Movement Environment”
Nov 15 Matt Nichter – “A new look at the civil rights movement of the 1940s and beyond”
Nov 22 Matt Kearney – “Narrative Causal Analysis of the Wisconsin Uprising”
Nov 29 canceled in favor of the sociology department colloquium
Dec 6 canceled in favor of a sociology recruitment event
Dec 13 Geoff Bakken

Spring 2011

Jan. 18 Organizational meeting
Jan. 25 Chaeyoon Lim – “Volunteering and Religiosity in Context: Disentangling the Contextual Effects of Religion on Voluntary Behavior”
Feb. 1 Min Hein – “Durability of Dictatorship: Brain Drain, Taxation and Revolution”
Feb. 8 Aliza Luft – postponed
Feb. 15 Discussion: Preparing for the political sociology prelim exam (postponed to Mar. 8)
Feb. 22 Discussion: Analysis of the governor’s budget bill and its implications for our university and state
Mar. 1 Discussion: Analysis, explanation, and interpretation of the recent and ongoing events surrounding the governor’s budget repair bill
Mar. 8 Discussion: Preparing for the political sociology prelim exam
Mar. 15 SPRING RECESS (no meeting)
Mar. 22 Discussion: Long-term preparation for the academic job market
Mar. 29 Anne Kane – “Constructing Irish Nationalist Identity: Ritual and Discourse during the Land War, 1879-1882” (cancelled)
Apr. 5 Celeste Benson, “Testing Esping-Andersen’s Welfare State Theory across US States: A Gender and Family Approach”
Apr. 12 Zach Baumgart – “Immigration Policy Discourse Among Unions: Variance and Decline”
Apr. 19 Alex Hanna – “Mapping the Political Twitterverse: Candidates and Their Followers in the Midterms”
Apr. 26 Rahul Mahajan and Jason Turowetz
May 3 Daniel Blocq

Fall 2010

Sep. 7 Carly Schall – “Making the ‘People’s Home’: Post-War Sweden and the Problem of Membership, 1945-1951” (practice job talk)
Sep. 14 Organizational Meeting
Sep. 21 Erik WrightDiscussion of plans for the 2012 ASA meeting with the ASA president-elect (ends early at 1:30, so please arrive at 12:30 sharp!)
Sep. 28 Ayca Zayim – “High Hopes and Bleak Fortunes: Global City Making in Istanbul and its Divergent Outcomes among the Urban Poor”
Oct. 5 Sida Liu – “Politics in Everyday Work: Motivations and Coping Strategies of Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyers”
Oct. 12 Brett Burkhardt”Private Prisons and Public Discourse: The Emergence and Legitimation of Modern Prison Privatization in the United States” (practice job talk)
Oct. 20 (Wed) Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (Duke University) – “Down the Rabbit Hole: The Obama ‘Miracle’ and Race Matters in Contemporary Amerika” (departmental colloquium sponsored by PCS—note change of date, time, and location: Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 12:15 p.m. in 8417 Sewell Social Sciences)
Oct. 26 Min Hein – “An Exchange Theory of State Formation”
Nov. 2 Joao Peschanski – “Papa Doc’s Feint: The Misled Opposition and the Consolidation of Duvalier’s Rule in Haiti”
Nov. 9 Adam Slez – Market-Building and the Ecology of Political Contention in the American West, 1890-1896
Nov. 16 Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney) – Roses from the South: Rethinking Gender Analysis in World Perspective
Nov. 23 Sébastien Mosbah-Natanson (Université du Québec à Montréal) – “The Birth of French Sociology” (co-sponsored with generous support from the Center for German & European Studies)
Nov. 30 Daniel Blocq – “Defection from Insurgencies”
Dec. 7 Geoff Bakken – “Taming the Tea Party: A Dissertation Proposal”
Dec. 14 Marko Grdesic – “Informational Filtering, Protest Waves and Time Series Analysis: The Case of Yugoslavia in the Late 1980s”
Dec. 21 Pamela Oliver – Submitting to the Annual ASA Meeting Notes | Data Analysis | Audio

Spring 2010

Jan. 19 Organizational meeting
Jan. 26 Jerome Braun – The Rise of the Nazis as an Example of Sadistic Carnival
Feb. 2 Matt Kearney – Standing Against Cancer: A Model of Medical Care Delivery for Low-Income Populations
Feb. 9 Debbie Becher – The Political and Moral Classification of Property Relations: The Case of Eminent Domain
Feb. 16 Laura Heideman – Making Society “Civil”: Postwar Peacebuilding in Croatia
Feb. 23 Richard Aviles – Racial Threat Reconsidered: Race, Region, and Home Ownership in U.S. Presidential Politics, 1968-1972
Mar. 2 Chaeyoon Lim – Secular and Liminal: Decomposing Religious Nones
Mar. 9 Meeting Cancelled
Mar. 16 Anna Paretskaya – The Politics of Smallest Things: How the ‘Lazy, Cowardly, and Selfish’ Changed the Soviet Union
Mar. 23 Min Hein – The Sociology of Aletheia: Two Examples of Doxic Revolutions
Apr. 6 Taylan Acar – The Phenomenon of Subcontracted Work in Turkish Health Care Sector: A State Ethnography
Apr. 13 Joseph Harris – Outgrowing Neoliberalism? Charting the Movement toward Universal Healthcare in NICs with Discussion of Thailand
Apr. 20 Jay Burlingham – On Studying Policy Justifications in the United States Congress
Apr. 27 Zach Baumgart – The Role of Mexican and Central American Immigration in Structuring Organizing Strategies in the AFL-CIO and CtW (abstract)
May 4 Brett Burkhardt – Prison Privatization and Public Discourse

Fall 2009

Sep. 8 Organizational meeting
Sep. 15 Pamela Oliver – Political Factors in Racial Incarceration Patterns
Sep. 22 Chad Goldberg – Durkheim and Anti-Semitism
Sep. 29 Alex Hanna – Facebook and the April 6 Movement in Egypt
Oct. 6 Rashawn Ray, Indiana University – The Class Identifications of Young Adults in the U.S., 1974-2008: The Significance of Race and Cohort
Oct. 13 Matt Kearney – “The Societal Ideal and Religous Authority in the Layene Brotherhood”
Oct. 20 Peter Hart-Brinson – Social Generational Differences and Attitudes about Same-Sex Marriage
Oct. 27 Xiaoli Tian, University of Chicago – Rumor and Secret Space: Anti-missionary Cases in 19th Century China
Nov. 3 Kate McCoy – Private Armies and Public Accountability: Military Corporations in U.S. Foreign Policy
Nov. 10 Celeste Benson – Can Crossnational Theories of Nonmarital Childbearing Explain Nonmarital Childbearing Patterns Observed Across U.S. States?
Nov. 17 Adam Slez – Local Patterns of Mass Political Action in the American West, 1890-1896
Nov. 24 Elizabeth Wrigley-Field – How do Racial and Economic Inequality Over the Lifecourse Alter Death Rates Near the End of Life?
Dec. 1 Grad students meet with Alice Goffman, candidate for assistant professor position
Dec. 8 Discussion about presenting at ASA and other conferences
Dec. 15 Richard Aviles – Racial Threat Reconsidered: Race and Home Ownership in U.S. Presidential Politics, 1968-1972

Spring 2008

Jan. 22 Organizational Meeting
Jan. 29 cancelled
Feb. 5 Peter Brinson – Why do People Support Civil Unions but Not Same-Sex Marriage?
Feb. 12 Julie Whitaker – Seeking Compassionate Women: Health Care Managers’ Images of Low-Wage Care Workers in the Context of a Labor Crisis (Practice Job Talk)
Feb. 19 Andrea Voyer – Disseminating Diversity: Diversity Trainers, Intercultural Obstacles, and Multicultural Dreams
Feb. 26 Hui-Jung Kim – Marriage Migration and Changing Gender-Nation Relations in South Korea
March 3 Rahul Mahajan
March 11 Adam Slez – Local Political Processes and the Consolidation of Republican Power in the United States, 1890-1896
March 25 Matt Dimick – The Diversity of Labor Union Organization in the US and Western Europe
April 1 Nicole Kaufman – The Role of the Courts in the Mobilization of the Environmental Justice Movement
April 8 informal professionalization discussion
April 15 Joan Fujimura – The Politics of Making Difference: Are Geneticists Reproducing Race Categories or Something Else?
April 22 Celeste Benson
April 29 John Zinda – A Set of Safety-Nets: Return Migrants and Home Communities in China
May 5 TBA