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  • Carrillo, Ian (Ph.D. Expected September 2017)
    Advisor: Seidman, Gay and Green, Gary
    Interest Areas: Environmental Sociology; Economic Sociology; Race and Racism; Development; Qualitative Methods; Comparative-Historical Sociology
    Dissertation Title: Power and Nature in Unequal Societies: Examining Labor, Elites, and Environmental Racism in the Brazilian Sugar-Ethanol Industry
  • Ipsen, Annabel (Ph.D. August 2016)
    Advisor: Collins, Jane
    Interest Areas: Development Sociology, Environmental and Rural Sociology, Latin American Studies, Food and Agriculture, Gender and Work, Sociological Theory, Migration, and Qualitative Methods
    Dissertation Title: Navigating Regulatory Regimes when Place Matters: Environmental Governance, Labor, and Power in the Genetically Modified Corn Seed Industry
    Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, North Central Regional Center for Rural Development, Michigan State University
  • Kunovic, Martina (Ph.D. Expected August 2018)
    Advisor: Loveman, Mara and Seidman, Gay
    Interest Areas: Development, Urban Sociology, Inequality, Race and Ethnicity, Latin America & the Caribbean
    Dissertation Title: Opportunity and Inequality in a Changing Economy: Navigating Urban Reform in Contemporary Cuba
  • Latner, Jonathan (Ph.D. August 2015)
    Advisor: Gerber, Ted
    Interest Areas: Social Stratification and Urban Sociology
    Dissertation Title: Contributing causes, consequences, and solutions for the relationship between rising economic growth and declining job quality
    Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Field B (Welfare State, Social Inequality, and Qual. of Life), Bremen Int'l Graduate Sch. of Soc Sciences
  • Longo, Gina (Ph.D. July 2018)
    Advisor: Ferree, Myra Marx and Oliver, Pamela
    Interest Areas: Gender and Sexuality, Race & Ethnicity, Political Sociology, Immigration, Digital Sociology
    Dissertation Title: Caught Between Rights and Vows: How Gendered and Racialized norms Shape U.S. Marriage Migration Politics
    Current Position: Post-Doctoral Scholar, The Law School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Navot, Edo (Ph.D. August 2014)
    Advisor: Wright, Erik Olin
    Interest Areas: Social Stratification, quantitative methods, economic sociology
    Dissertation Title: Income dynamics of classes, occupations, and individuals: three article on earnings and inequality
    Current Position: Postdoctoral scholar, University of Haifa
  • Nguyen-Akbar, Mytoan (Ph.D. May 2014)
    Advisor: Seidman, Gay
    Interest Areas: Global and Transnational Sociology; International High-Skilled Return Migration; Race and Ethnicity/Asia and Asian Americans; Qualitative Methods
    Dissertation Title: Ambivalent Diasporics: High-Skilled 'Return' Migration and Social Change in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Current Position: Visiting Scholar, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington
  • Roll, Michael (Ph.D. Expected May 2018)
    Advisor: Ermakoff, Ivan
    Interest Areas: Development, Global and Transnational Sociology, Organizations, Social Movements, Law, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Theory
    Dissertation Title: Rebel Bureaucracies: Corruption Networks, Organizational Change, and Effective Government Agencies in Nigeria
  • Ubert, Emanuel (Ph.D. Expected May 2019)
    Advisor: Freeland, Bob; Wright, Erik
    Interest Areas: Economic Sociology; Organizational Theory; Political Economy; Entrepreneurship; Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; Complex Adaptive Systems; Insurance and Property Markets; Climate Change Adaptation
    Dissertation Title: Uncertain Futures: Homeowner Insurance Market Adaptation to Intensifying Hurricane Shocks in the U.S., 1991 - 2013
  • Zayim, Ayca (Ph.D. Expected May 2018)
    Advisor: Seidman, Gay and Wright, Erik Olin
    Interest Areas: Economic Sociology, Sociology of Globalization and Development, Sociology of Finance, Political Sociology, Research Methods, and Sociological Theory
    Dissertation Title: How Financial Power Really Works: Central Banks and Global Finance in South Africa and Turkey