MRRC Fund for Minority Scholars

MRRC is pleased to offer support for conference travel and research-related expenses.


Students must be a member of an underrepresented minority group, and enrolled in the Sociology and/or Community and Environmental Sociology Departments during the time of application and for the period of time for when the funding will be utilized.

How to Apply

Each year in late February, a call will go out to Solidarity listserv. Applications for financial support will be due in mid-March (to be specified in each call).  Applications can be submitted for conference support and/or research support.  The deadline is the same for both applications. Decisions will be made by the MRRC Faculty Chair and the Graduate Advisor. Students will be notified of their application decisions in early April.

Funding Types

  • Academic Conference Support: Funding is available for both upcoming and previous conferences that occurred in the past full year (i.e. 364 days prior to this deadline). Receipts will be required to receive funds for retroactive requests.  Details on priority rankings are included in the application document.
  • Research Support: Funding is also available for upcoming research endeavors.  The funds are limited. Therefore, if your budget exceeds 500 dollars you must indicate what you intend to do with the MRRC funds.  Please see the emailed application for more information.


Each Solidarity student can receive a maximum of 500 dollars per year total for both conference and research funds, but this is by no means guaranteed and is contingent on the number of requests.

Each Solidarity student will only be able to receive 2,000 dollars total for both conference and research support during the course of their tenure in the program.

Additional Funding Assistance

If you would like assistance identifying alternative/additional sources of funding, we would be happy to support you in that capacity.