Sida Liu

Sida Liu


Soc 225 Contemporary Chinese Society
Soc 415 The Legal Profession
Soc 641 Sociology of Law
Soc 643 Sociology of Occupations and Professions
Soc 930 Socio-Legal Studies

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Law
8142 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 262-2082
Office Hours: W 2-4 (Spr'16)

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
Liu, Sida, and Mustafa Emirbayer. 2016. "Field and Ecology." Sociological Theory 34(1): 62-79.

Liu, Sida, and Hongqi Wu. 2016. "The Ecology of Organizational Growth: Chinese Law Firms in the Age of Globalization." American Journal of Sociology, forthcoming in November 2016.

Liu, Sida. 2015. "Boundary Work and Exchange: The Formation of a Professional Service Market." Symbolic Interaction 38(1): 1-21.

Liu, Sida. 2015. "Law's Social Forms: A Powerless Approach to the Sociology of Law." Law & Social Inquiry 40(1):1-28.

Liu, Sida, Lily Liang, and Ethan Michelson. 2014. "Migration and Social Structure: The Spatial Mobility of Chinese Lawyers." Law & Policy 36(2): 165-194.

Liu, Sida. 2013. "The Legal Profession as a Social Process: A Theory on Lawyers and Globalization." Law & Social Inquiry 38(3): 670-693.

Liu, Sida, and Terence C. Halliday. 2011. "Political Liberalism and Political Embeddedness: Understanding Politics in the Work of Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyers." Law & Society Review 45(4): 831-865.

Liu, Sida. 2011. "Lawyers, State Officials, and Significant Others: Symbiotic Exchange in the Chinese Legal Services Market." China Quarterly 206: 276-293.

Liu, Sida. 2011. The Logic of Fragmentation: An Ecological Analysis of the Chinese Legal Services Market. Shanghai: Shanghai Joint Publishing Co. (In Chinese)

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PhD, University of Chicago, 2009

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Comparative-Historical Sociology
Deviance, Law, and Social Control
Economic Change and Development
Economic Sociology
General Social Theory
Law and Society
Organizational and Occupational Analysis
Political Sociology
Qualitative Methods
Social Movements and Collective Behavior

Center for East Asian Studies
Law School

Research Interest Statement:
Sida Liuís main research interests fall into four areas of sociology: sociology of law, organizations and occupations, globalization, and social theory. As an interdisciplinary researcher, he has also written on topics closely related to legal theory, criminal justice, and political science. Most of Liuís empirical work focuses on Chinaís contemporary legal reform and legal profession. Meanwhile, he has been studying sociolegal theory and general social theory, particularly theories of social space and social process along the Simmelian tradition of social geometry.