Sara Goldrick-Rab

Sara Goldrick-Rab


Soc 648 Sociology of Education

Professor of Educational Policy Studies
239 Education Bldg., 1000 Bascom Mall
(608) 265-2141
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Selected Publications:
Kelly, A. & Goldrick-Rab, S. (Editors). (2014). Reinventing Financial Aid: Charting a New Course to College Affordability. Harvard Education Press, Cambridge, MA. | Read more...

Goldrick-­Rab, S., Kinsley, P., & Byrd, D. (Forthcoming). "Diversity and the Open Door: An Exploration of Economically and Racially Integrated Community Colleges." Century Foundation, New York.

Harris, D.N. & Goldrick-Rab, S. (2012) "Improving the Productivity of Education Experiments: Lessons from a Randomized Study of Need-Based Financial Aid." Educational Finance and Policy, 7(2); 143-169.

Goldrick-Rab, S. & Han, S. (2011). "The 'Class Gap' in the 'Gap Year': Academic Coursetaking, Family Formation and Socioeconomic Differences in Delaying the Transition to College." Review of Higher Education. Spring.

Goldrick-Rab, S. (2010). "Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Community College Student Outcomes." Review of Educational Research. 80(3): 437-469.

Goldrick-Rab, S. (2010). "Accountability for Community Colleges: Moving Forward." In K. Carey and M. Schneider (Eds), Accountability in American Higher Education. Palgrave.

Goldrick-Rab, S. & Sorensen, K. (2010). "Unmarried Parents in College." Future of Children, v20(2): 179-203.

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Ph.D., Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Educational Policy Studies
Center for Demography and Ecology
Gender & Women's Studies Department
Institute for Research on Poverty
Interdisciplinary Training Program in Education Sciences
Sociology Affiliated Faculty
Teaching Academy