Mara Loveman


ILS 110 Contemporary Brazilian Society
Soc 620 Comparative Racial Inequality
Soc 913 Nations and Nationalism

Associate Professor of Sociology
8112B Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 262-7797
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Office Hours: R 2-4 and by appt (Fall'12)

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
Loveman, Mara, Jeronimo O. Muniz, and Stanley Bailey. "Brazil in Black and White? Race Categories, the Census, and the Study of Inequality" Ethnic and Racial Studies, available online Sept (2011): 1466-1483

Loveman, Mara. "The Race to Progress: Census-Taking and Nation-Making in Brazil" Hispanic American Historical Review. 89 [3] (2009):435-470.

Loveman, Mara and Jeronimo O. Muniz. "How Puerto Rico Became White: Boundary Dynamics and Inter-Census Racial Reclassification" American Sociological Review 72 [6] (2007): 915-939

Loveman, Mara. "Blinded like a State: The Revolt Against Civil Registration in 19th Century Brazil" Comparative Studies in Society and History 49(1), January 2007.

Loveman, Mara. 2005. "The Modern State and the Primitive Accumulation of Symbolic Power" American Journal of Sociology 110 (6): 1651-83.

Brubaker, Rogers, Mara Loveman and Peter Stamatov. 2004. "Ethnicity as Cognition" Theory and Society 33 (1): 31-64.

Loveman, Mara. "High Risk Collective Action: Defending Human Rights in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina" American Journal of Sociology 104[2] (1998): 477-525.

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Comparative-Historical Sociology
Economic Change and Development
General Social Theory
Political Sociology
Race and Ethnic Studies
Social Movements and Collective Behavior

Brazil Initiative
Center for Demography and Ecology
Comparative Historical Section of the American Sociological Association
Latin American Studies Association
Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program
Research Circle on the Role of Law in Developing and Transitional Societies