Jess Gilbert

Jess Gilbert


CESoc/Soc 650 Sociology of Agriculture

Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology, Emeritus
340B Agricultural Hall
(608) 332-6766
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Selected Publications:
J. Gilbert, ed., 2003. Special Issue of Agricultural History (77, 2) on "Minority Land and Community Security."

Gilbert, J. 2002. "Low Modernism and the Agrarian New Deal: A Different Kind of State." Pp. 129-46 in Jane Adams (ed.), Fighting for the Farm: Rural America Transformed. University of Pennsylvania Press.

Gilbert, J., G. Sharp, and S. Felin. 2002. "The Loss and Persistence of Black-Owned Farms and Farmland: Review and Implications." Southern Rural Sociology, 18(2): 1-30.

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1983

Departmental Areas of Interest:
AgroFood Systems
Class Analysis and Historical Change
Comparative-Historical Sociology
General Social Theory
History of Sociology
Political Sociology
Race and Ethnic Studies
Rural Sociology

Community and Environmental Sociology
Land Tenure Center
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies