Myra Marx Ferree

Myra Marx Ferree


Soc 138 Sociology of Gender
Soc 477 Feminism and Sociological Theory
Soc 623 Gender, Society and Politics
Soc 750 Research Design and Practice in Sociology
Soc 901 Feminist Theory and Gender Politics

Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology
Director, European Union Center for Excellence
7103 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 263-5204
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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
"Gender Equality in German Universities: Vernacularizing the Battle for the Best Brains." Kathrin S. Zippel, Myra Marx Ferree and Karin Zimmerman, Gender and Education, Forthcoming.

"Gender Equality in the Age of Academic Capitalism: Cassandra and Pollyanna Interpret University Restructuring." Myra Marx Ferree and Kathrin S. Zippel, Social Politics, 2015, 22(4): 561-584.

"Gendered Expertise." Maria Azocar and Myra Marx Ferree, Gender & Society, 2015, 29 (6):841-862.

"Meaning and movements in the new millennium: Gendering democracy." In Jacquelien van Stekelenburg, Conny Roggeband and Bert Klandermans (eds), Gender & Society, 2013, 419-428, Minnesota Press.

Gender, Violence and Human Security: Critical Feminist Perspectives. Edited by Aili Mari Tripp, Myra Marx Ferree and Christina Ewig. NYU Press 2013.

Varieties of Feminism: German Gender Politics in Global Perspective. 2012. Stanford University Press.
  • Winner, Victoria Schuck Award of the American Political Science Association.

"Filling the Glass: Gender Perspectives on Families." Journal of Marriage and Family, 2010, 72: 420-439.

"Practicing Intersectionality in Sociological Research: A Critical Analysis of Inclusions, Interactions and Institutions in the Study of Inequalities." Hae Yoon Choo and Myra Max Ferree, Sociological Theory, 2010, 28(2): 129-149.
  • 2010 Distinguished contribution to scholarship article award, Section on Race, Class and Gender, American Sociological Association.

"An American Road Map? Framing Feminist Goals in a Liberal Landscape" in Gender Equality: Transforming Family Divisions of Labor. Janet Gornick and Marcia Meyers, editors, 2009, NY: Polity Press.

"Inequality, Intersectionality and the Politics of Discourse: Framing Feminist Alliances" in The Discursive Politics of Gender Equality: Stretching, Bending and Policy-Making. Emanuela Lombardo, Petra Meier and Mieke Verloo, editors, 2009, Routledge.
  • 2009 Distinguished contribution to scholarship article award, Section on Race, Class and Gender, American Sociological Association.

  • 2016 Graduate Student Mentoring Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Letters and Sciences

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Political Sociology
Comparative-Historical Sociology
Social Movements and Collective Behavior
Methods and Statistics

Center for German and European Studies
Center for Research on Gender & Women
European Union Center of Excellence
Gender & Women's Studies Department
Gender Program
International Institute
Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Research Interest Statement:
Myra Marx Ferree is the Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology and a member of the executive committee of the Gender and Women’s Studies Department. She is the author of Varieties of Feminism: German Gender Politics In Global Perspective (Stanford University Press, March 2012) and co-author, with former student Lisa Wade, of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions (Norton, 2014). Other recent books include: Gender, Violence and Human Security (co-edited with Aili Mari Tripp and Christina Ewig, NYU Press 2013) and Global Feminisms: Transnational Women's Organizing, Activism, and Human Rights (co-edited with Aili Mari Tripp, NYU Press, 2006) both of which represent workshops held at UW-Madison with the assistance of the European Union Center of Excellence and the Center for German and European Studies. Varieties of Feminism won the American Political Science Association's Victoria Schuck Award for the best book on gender politics in 2013. She has written numerous articles about feminist organizations and politics in the US, Germany and internationally, as well as about gender inequality in families, the inclusion of gender in sociological theory and practice, and the intersections of gender with race and class. She has been the recipient of the Jessie Bernard Award, vice-president of the American Sociological Association and deputy editor of its leading journal, president of Sociologists for Women in Society and recipient of its mentoring and feminist scholarship awards. Her current work focuses on gender equality politics and the transformation of universities as organizations, looking at the US, Germany and transnational trends in academic governance and audit cultures.