Curriculum Vitae

List of articles & books

My research and teaching . . .

are in the sociological traditions of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis.

I have addressed topics ranging from ordinary conversational practices to interaction in legal settings, the survey interview, relationships between doctors and patients, and involving disability. I co-edited a book on Communication in Medical Care with John Heritage (2006), and published a monograph in 2003 on Bad News and Good News as those kinds of tidings are delivered and received in a variety of ordinary social settings and more specialized ones, such as clinics. Another long-time project has involved collaborative research on the survey interview and includes a co-edited volume (2002) on Standardization and Tacit Knowledge. Recently, this research involves the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, and a project funded by the National Science Foundation on the relative effects of interviewer skill and respondent propensity on decisions for survey participation. Out of this project, we have a recent collaborative paper.

My publications . . .

can be found by clicking on a selected list, many of which are downloadable in .pdf form.

I teach courses on language and social interaction (conversation analysis) and ethnomethodology as well as social psychology, and my broader interests are in theory, methodology, and science and technology studies (among others).