2015 WISCER Summer Fieldwork Award

a well used Field Notes notebook

Today we are launching the WISCER Summer Fieldwork Award.

The award will go to three sociology graduate students hoping to do qualitative research (ethnography, interviews, CA) over the summer. The award is for field research, not writing up research, and can be used by people doing research in Madison or elsewhere. Any student in sociology who does not already have summer funding (e.g. through a PAship, teaching, or other award) is eligible to apply, including students at the very beginning and the very end of research. The understanding is that students will be conducting fieldwork full time.

The award is for $3,750 and does not cover tuition, health care, or any other benefits.

Students who accept the award have no formal requirements other than to do heaps and heaps of fieldwork, but students can choose to meet regularly, over skype or in person, with fellow awardees to create a little hub of advice and support.

To apply, please send a memo of no more than 500 words, detailing your overall project, your access, your irb approval status, what fieldwork you plan to do, and why this summer is the right time to do it. Please include your year, your advisor’s name, if you have one, and whether this will be for a master’s or a dissertation. Also include if you’ve had any fieldwork training and what training that is (not necessary to get the award). Send the memo to wiscersummeraward@gmail.com. Also attach a current CV.

The application is due April 25th at 5pm central. Award announcements will go out early May.

Any questions, please email Alice Goffman and cc Dana Rasmussen.

Go Madison fieldworkers!