Program Milestones


Official department policy regarding these milestones is posted here. Specific questions regarding these policies should directed to the Graduate Adviser (Kim Grocholski).


For help studying, take a look at the Resources for First Year.

Early summer after first year: First attempt
Late summer after first year: Second attempt
Early summer after second year: Third attempt, conditional on passing one in prior attempts

While you are only guaranteed the attempts listed above, the department says it will consider petitions to allow a third attempt despite not passing a prior exam. In addition, students have anecdotally been given a fourth attempt conditional on passing one prior exam. It should NOT be assumed that these additional attempts will be granted.

If one or both exams have not been not passed after the summer after the first year, funding is not guaranteed while waiting for the third attempt. However, funding options outside the department are available.

Field Paper

The field paper process and timing differs dramatically across the fields (INCLUDE THE TIMELINES FOR THE FIELDS THAT HAVE THEM). We are in the process of gathering this information to post here. Sample field papers are also coming soon (GET SAMPLES FROM 4TH YEARS UP – AT LEAST 2 PER FIELD).

Three Signature Proposal

The Three Signature Proposal is a plan for your dissertation, which is usually comprised of 2-3 papers (chapters), approved by three faculty members. The department requires this be approved by December 15th of the fourth year to remain in good standing and by the following August 15th to remain in the program. Sample Three Sig Proposals are coming soon (GET SAMPLES FROM 5TH AND 6TH STUDENTS).

Job Market

Students typically go on the job market during their fifth or sixth years, though occasionally a student will do so in the fourth, seventh, or later years. During the summer, the Director of Graduate Studies will make a list of those going on the market in the following year and meet with them to guide them through the process.

You can find here the Job Placement Results for the year 2014-2015


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