Student Research Group

The Student Research Group (SRG) is a student-run group working to improve the research skills and experience of those who participate. Our seminars typically take place every one to two weeks, though the schedule adapts to the supply of presenters. Membership is informal and all meetings are open to any interested student, though we do encourage you to make our meetings part of your regular schedule. During the semester, the department provides funds to serve dinner for attendees.

No faculty are allowed and presentations are typically informal. Some presenters have simply found an interesting dataset and want to brainstorm what could be done with it. Others are looking for advice on how to model or measure an interesting data fact. The seminar is also a potential forum to practice presenting more developed research in a low-pressure setting. A number of co-authorships have come about thanks to these seminars.

If you would like to present:

  1. Email the JRC Research Officer (Adam Smith)
  2. A title for the presentation is required and the field in which the research is done is preferable. This is to be able to reach a broader audience of both people interested in the topic in general, and people specialized in such field. Nonetheless the JRC encourages people to attend seminars outside their field to enrich the discussion and exploit comparative advantages.
  3. On the day of your presentation:  A set of slides has proven to be useful, even if they are in a simple/unpolished format. This facilitates the flow of ideas and their exposition.

If you have any questions, contact the JRC Research Officer (Adam Smith).


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