The Sociology of Gender Brownbag (or FemSem) meets every Thursday from 12:30 to 2pm in Social Sciences 2435 (unless otherwise noted).

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  • Publications

    Collections based in part on seminars:

    Gender, Violence, and Human Security: Critical Feminist Perspectives 
    Aili Tripp, Myra Marx Ferree, and Christina Ewig (eds) NYU Press, 2013.

    Global Feminisms
    Myra Marx Ferree and Aili Tripp (eds) NYU Press, 2006.

    Gender Politics in the European Union.
    Social Politics Special Issue, 11(1), Spring 2004. 

    Women's History in the New Millenium
    Journal of Women's History Special Issue, 15(3), 2003.

    Journal Publications:

    Choo, Hae Yeon and Myra Marx Ferree. 2010. "Practicing Intersectionality in Sociological Research: A Critical Analysis of Inclusions, Interactions and Institutions in the Study of Inequalities” Sociological Theory, 28 (2): 129-149.

    Christensen, Wendy M. and Myra Marx Ferree. "Cowboy of the World? Gender Discourse and the Iraq War Debate" (forthcoming 2008, Qualitative Sociology)

    Herd, Pamela (with Madonna Harrington Meyer) "Market Friendly or Family Friendly? The State and Gender Inequality in Old Age", 2007.

    Allendorf, Keera. 2007. “Couples’ Reports of Women’s Autonomy and Health-care Use in Nepal.” Studies in Family Planning 38(1): 35-46.

    Choo, Hae Yeon. 2006. “Gendered Modernity and Ethnicized Citizenship: North Korean Settlers in Contemporary South Korea.” Gender & Society 20(5): 576-604.

    Fujimura, Joan "'Sex Genes': A Critical Socio-Material Approach to the Politics and Molecular Genetics of Sex Determination." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 2006, vol. 32, no. 1.

    Swider, Sarah. 2006. “Working Women of the World Unite? Labor organizing and transnational gender solidarity among domestic workers in Hong Kong” pp. 110-140, in Global Feminism, edited by Myra Marx Ferree and Alil Mari Tripp

    Jessica Autumn Brown and Myra Marx Ferree “Close Your Eyes and Think of England: Pronatalism in the British Print Media” Gender & Society, 2005 19(1): 5-24

    Jessica Brown “In Praise of Good Breeding: Pronatalism and Race in the British Print Media,” Journal of Women’s History, 2003. 15(3): 161-166

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