Computing With the SSCC

The SSCC makes a tremendous amount of computing power available to our members.  

  • Winstat, the SSCC’s Windows Terminal Server farm. Winstat provides convenient access to a variety of statistical, research, and general purpose software from any location using your own Windows PC, Mac, Linux computer or even iPad. Programs are run using the server’s powerful hardware. Winstat also provides convenient remote access to files stored on the SSCC’s network disk space.
  • Linstat, the SSCC’s Linux computing cluster. Linstat has much of the same statistical software installed as Winstat, and is ideal for serious number crunching.
  • Condor flock specially configured for statistical software. Condor is ideal for very long jobs or running large numbers of jobs at the same time.
  • Silo, SSCC’s secure computing enclave. It consists of secure servers on a variety of platforms and data storage for working with data covered by HIPAA and other sensitive data.
    • WinSilo is a Windows-based computing cluster very similar to Winstat but in SSCC’s Silo secure computing environment. 
    • LinSilo is a Linux-based computing cluster similar to Linstat but in SSCC’s Silo secure computing environment. LinSilo has a wide variety of software installed for biomedical research to support researchers from the School of Medicine and Public Health.
    • CondorSilo is an HTCondor pool in the Silo environment. It consists of nine dedicated Linux servers with 40 cores and 384GB of RAM each.
  • Flash, the SSCC’s High Performance Computing Cluster, for user-written programs that can take advantage of many CPUs.
  • Sensitive Data Facilities for researchers working with data that require special security precautions, such as data that cannot be stored on a networked computer. This services is provided in collaboration with Letters & Science and is only available to Letters & Science members. 

All of these services are connected to one of our secure, networked file systems to ensure your data is both accessible and secure.  

For more information on all of these services, please see Computing Resources at the SSCC