Credits and Thank Yous


Life at Lussier Loft was made possible by the help and partnerships of many organizations and individuals within Dane County. This project is a production of University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Legal Studies Center for Law, Society & Justice and its content is hosted thanks to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Social Sciences Computing Cooperative. I would like to thank the people and organizations which were kind enough to spend the time and effort needed for this project to become a reality.

University of Wisconsin’s Legal Studies Department

  • Dr. Nancy Buenger: Mentor Professor at the Center for Law, Society & Justice (CLSJ)

The Goodman Center/The Lussier Loft Staff

  • Eric Hartwig
  • Luke Bassuener
  • Arthur Morgan
  • Julian Holt

The Social Sciences Computing Cooperative (CCSS)

  • Caitlin Tefft
  • Ryan Horrisberger

And a special thank you to all the participants of the Lussier Loft Afterschool Program for all the great memories I have had with all of you over the past two years.