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The Lussier Loft Afterschool Program operates out of The Goodman Community Center providing the crucial programming, facilities, and resources needed in order to counteract gaps in opportunity observed when comparing Dane County’s African American middle and high school students to their white youth counterparts. The Lussier Loft offers a state of the art facility for young adults to participate in a wide range of structured academic and asset-building programming specifically aimed at addressing the high racial disparities found in Dane County between African American youth and white youth. According to Race to Equity, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families’ report on the state of racial disparities in Dane County, African American youth are not only comparatively disadvantaged compared to their white peers within the county, but they also have less opportunity and fare less well than African Americans elsewhere in the state and even the nation. The racial disparities in Dane County run deep and can be seen in a multitude of areas including academic achievement, juvenile incarceration rates, and poverty levels. By shaping their programming and facilities towards academic, recreational, and social learning purposes, the Loft aims to help bridge disproportionate gaps in opportunity that Dane’s socioeconomically disadvantaged African American children face.

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