being there

being there

Who is there for you when you’re in the system and need support?

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Right here is Sojourner Truth and my mom, together. The words inside her head is strong and loving, and they both are like that.


I got sweet, my mom’s sweet to me, and sweet to a lot of people.


Mine is my cousin that had passed away. He had dreds, too.


I was going to do my mom, but then I had a change of thought. I just did whatever. Inside the head I put loving.


This is supposed to be my mom…funny, my mom is real funny, she always be funny.


My dude on the inside of his head it say money, ‘cause I like money …he just cashed out, Gucci. With a peacock on his head, cause that’s what dudes do, they go peacocking when they tryin’ to find they ladies.


Even thought this looks sort of crazy, it’s supposed to be my mom. Inside the head I put proud, because she’s a very proud woman, and I used the Packers cloth cause that’s her favorite team. This is supposed to be her crown cause she’s a queen.


The word inside is persistent, cause even with all the stuff that happened to me, my mom, she kept trying to get me on the right path  and stuff, she never gave up. Even when it got very bad, she’s always been very persistent that way.