media, n. The main means of mass communication.


clsj media engages law, society and justice, mobilizing the insights of UW students and those they connect with across Wisconsin and the world. The site is hosted by the Center for Law, Society and Justice, which offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate service-learning opportunities in partnership with state, federal, and non-profit agencies.

Communication encompasses connection, exchange, and mutual ownership, as well as the transmission of ideas. CLSJ students foster communication in all these dimensions, with justice-involved individuals, at-risk communities, those affected by crime, lawmakers, law enforcers, jurists, scholars of law and society, and broader publics. Since 2010, over 250 CLSJ students have contributed their services in legal, social service, and justice engaged agencies within and beyond Wisconsin.

Fostering self-expression in a variety of media, clsj media promotes the effective creation, evaluation, and navigation of information, critical 21st century literacy skills. Online and in law, we probe the power of multimodality, mutability, and pervasive distribution.

images created by patrick roedl, colin tucker, and anonymous ArtSpeak participant