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Legal Studies Courses Offered for Summer 2018

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For the most current information, search the UW-Madison Schedule of Classes here


Legal Studies/Soc 131: Criminal Justice in America- 3cr- 6/17-7/14,2018


Economics 310: Statistics Measurements in Economics- 4cr 5/28-7/7 (online)

Psych 210: Basic Stats for Psychologists-3cr- 6/17-8/11

Sociology 360: Statistics for Sociologists- 3cr- 6/17-8/11

Stats 301: Introduction to Statistics- 3cr-       6/17-8/11

Stats 371: Intro Applied Stats - Life Sciences- 3cr- 6/17-8/11

Methods Courses

Soc 357: Methods of Sociological Inquiry- 3cr- 6/17-8/11

Theme Group 1: Legal Institutions

Educational Leadership & Policy St 502: Law & Public Education (online) – enroll for 3 credits

Gen Bus 302: Bus Orgs & Negotiable Instruments- 3cr 5/28-6/16

*International St/Political Sci 434: The Politics of Human Rights- 3cr- 6/17-8/11

Legal St/Hist 262: Amer Legal History 1860s to Pres- 3cr (online)

Theme Group 2: Processes of Legal Order & Disorder

Legal St/Soc 694: Field Observation in Criminal Justice & Legal Studies (application required)

Library & Info St Topics 341: Privacy, Surveillance & Security in Society- 3cr- 6/3-7/28

Theme Group 3: Law and Social Forces

Econ 522: Law and Economics- 4cr- 5/28-7/7 - (online) - 5/30-7/9

Legal StGen&WS/Soc 467: Crime, Gender and Justice- 3cr (online)

Theme Group 4: Law and Culture


Theme Group 5: Law and Theory

Phil 341: Contemporary Moral Issues- 3cr- 5/20-6/16

Core Perspectives

Legal St/Hist 262: Amer Legal History 1860s to Pres- 3cr (online)

Legal St/Gen&WS/Soc 467: Crime, Gender and Justice- 3cr (online)