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Program Overview

The Legal Studies Program is an undergraduate major in the College of Letters and Sciences. The program's mission is to provide a liberal education across traditional disciplines, focusing on the theory and operation of law and legal institutions. The courses in the Legal Studies major expose students to the many facets of law as a social phenomenon - its evolution, function, motivating ideas and effects. The major is not intended as preparation for law school because the emphasis is on exploring broadly defined questions about law from a variety of perspectives, rather than on training for the profession. The Legal Studies major is, however, suitable for pre-law students.

The curriculum is designed around the following five themes: Legal Institutions, Processes of Legal Order and Disorder, Law and Social Forces, Law and Culture, and Law and Theory.


Director: Alan Rubel

Advisor: Martine Delannay, 608/262-2083,

8137 Social Science Building, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706


Top Photo by: Jeff Miller