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Program Overview

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Criminal Justice Certificate Program (CJCP) is a targeted selection of courses and field work for students wanting to learn about the dynamics of criminal and juvenile justice systems. Students who wish to enroll must see a Program Advisor at the Criminal Justice Office. At that time, in consultation with a program advisor, CJCP students select courses from a variety of academic departments to gain a broad understanding of the philosophy, theories, and operation of the adult and juvenile justice systems. Courses are derived from many departments, including Legal Studies, History, Sociology, Political Science, Social Work, Psychology, Statistics, Counseling Psychology, Communication Arts, Gender and Women's Studies, and Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education.

CJCP studies focus on the causes of crime and delinquency, examine fundamental concepts underlying the practice of justice, and analyze the impact of crime on our society. The inner workings of criminal justice agencies are reviewed through an internship component and options for controlling crime are surveyed. Students are challenged to consider new ways of preventing and handling crime.

Studies are completed in tandem with a chosen major. Upon completion of all UW and college requirements and graduation, students are awarded an inscribed Certificate in Criminal Justice.


Director: Alan Rubel

Advisors: Carolyn Lesch

and Martine Delannay


8139 Social Science Building, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706


Photo by: Jeff Miller