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The Irene B. Katele Outstanding Student Award

The Irene B. Katele Outstanding Student Award is conferred by the faculty of the Center for Law, Society and Justice to recognize Legal Studies students based on their academic performance, potential for significant contribution to the field, and leadership.

The 2016 Award Recipients were:

Colleen Albregt, Sehr Kahn, Samantha Kalsow, Kara Kurland, Leah Rafferty, and Hana Yamahiro

The 2015 Award Recipients were:

Alyssa Bernett, Amy Johnson, Kirsten Lee, Callahan Miller, and Libbie Osaben


The 2014 Award Recipients were:

April Pitzen, Anna Jones, Kristin McGaver, Holly Ryan, and Kyle Talma.

The 2013 Award Recipients were:

Catherine Cwirla, Greg Docter, Allison Gilmore, Sara Hilt, and Reginald Young