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The Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award - 2012 Award Recipients

The Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award is awarded to several students each year to support their completion of the intensive 300 hour criminal justice internship. Center faculty and staff nominate students based on academic performance, potential for significant contribution to the field, and leadership.

Click on each award recipient's name to learn more about her or his internship experience.

Kiara Hibler interned at the Office of the Public Defender in Madison.

Ia Lo interned at ARC Community Services.

Lisa N. Xiong interned with the Wisconsin State Public Defender - Madison Trial Office (Client Services Unit).

Tyra Walker interned at the Milwaukee Public Defender's Office as a Client Service Specialist.

Jackson Sattell interned with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Division of Community Corrections.

Becky Gaffer interned for the Wisconsin Department of Justice in Madison in the Criminal Litigation Unit.

Allison Gilmore interned at the Children's Court Services in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She worked specifically with the Juvenile Court Intake Department.

Jaimee Goldish interned at the Madison Police Department.

Deb Stowe interned at the Rock County Drug Court - Community RECAP program.