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Registration is required to download data or to perform on-line bivariate or multivariate analysis. Registration is free. The information you provide as part of the registration process is not shared with any one else. We have made every effort to remove information from the data files that would permit the identification of individual respondents. However, because of the extensive and, in some cases, sensitive content of these data sets, and because we have promised to preserve the confidentiality of our information, we are asking researchers who receive data to agree to specific conditions of use. Failure to abide by the below stated restrictions will result in a prohibition against future receipt of any CDHA data. By completing this registration you are agreeing that:

No attempt will be made by users of the files to identify individual respondents.

No fees may be charged for use or distribution of the data.

No files may be duplicated (excepting backup copies), distributed, or made available to any third party other than staff or students for whom you are directly responsible. Please direct those interested to this site for registration and download.

Others will not be allowed to use your username or password to access this site.

Any downloaded public release data files as well as any data files derived from the downloaded files will be destroyed when requested to do so.

Federal rule 45 CFR 46.101(b)(1-6) exempts research using existing secondary data from human subjects review. However, the University of Wisconsin - Madison may require that faculty, staff and students who anticipate using these data for research purposes submit a human subjects protocol. Other universities and institutions that receive federal research funds may have similar requirements. Additional information on federal human subjects regulations and on UW requirements, please consultand

Any disclosure of study participant identity as well as any flaws or errors in the data or documentation files will be reported immediately to

The following citation will be included in any research reports, papers, or publications based on CDHA public release data:

Data for the ### study is distributed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
### study,(Wave [x]/Year[yyyy]) public use data set. Distributed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison with funding from the National Institutes of Health. Madison, WI, (year).

Provide information regarding any publications, research reports, or educational material based on data obtained by sending a copy of any papers or publications to:

Lu Chou, Senior Special Librarian
Data and Information Services Center
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

For the duration of your use of this data you will keep your email, postal address, telephone number, organization affiliation current with CDHA through this form.

All fields are required. Important: Transmission of this information to CDHA is NOT secure.

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