CDHA Demography Training Seminar

CDHA's weekly training seminar (Soc 995) on the University of Wisconsin campus provides training and professional development to graduate students in the demography of health and aging. This seminar is open to all. We usually meet on Wednesday at 2-3:15 PM in Room 8417 William H. Sewell Social Science Building.

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Spring 2018

Tuesday, January 30
Bayesian Analysis & Pizza
David Kaplan, UW-Madison Educational Psychology
[Note: This will be a special session starting at 1:30pm after DemSem on Tuesday]

Wednesday, January 31
Analyzing Causality I: Path Models
Felix Elwert, UW-Madison Sociology/Population Health/Biostatistics

Wednesday, February 7
Analyzing Causality II: Path Models & Regressions
Felix Elwert, UW-Madison Sociology/Population Health/Biostatistics

Wednesday, February 14
Analyzing Causality III: Instrumental Variables
Felix Elwert, UW-Madison Sociology/Population Health/Biostatistics

Wednesday, February 21
Preparing for the Academic Job Market: CVs and Cover Letters
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, February 28
Writing a Research Statement for the Academic Job Market
Brad Hughes, UW-Madison Writing Center

Wednesday, March 7
Giving a Good Talk
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, March 14
GIT and GitHub
Mark Banghart, UW-Madison Social Science Computing Cooperative

Wednesday, March 21
Ethics and Education: Teaching Politically Contentious Topics
Paula McAvoy, Center for Ethics and Education, UW-Madison

Wednesday, March 28
Spring Break

Wednesday, April 4
Working in the Nonprofit Research World
Mark Lopez, Pew Hispanic Center
Due to weather related travel difficulties, this seminar is cancelled. Please attend Mark's other talk, "Hispanic Identity Fades across Generations as Immigrant Connections Fall away" on Thursday, April 5 at 3PM in Helen C. White Hall Room 4281.

Wednesday, April 11
PAA Practice Talks
[Note: This session is scheduled from 2-3:30 PM.]
Displacement and Health: A Closer Look at Volition, Context, and Women's Health at the Thai-Myanmar Border
Stephanie Koning
Anticipatory Behavior in Household Migration: Responses to Climate Shifts
Esteban Quinones
Climate Change-related Internal Migration among Geographically Isolated Islands in the Central Pacific
Hugh Roland
Village Migration, Kinship Networks, and Subjective Well-Being among Adults Staying behind in Rural China
Jia Wang
Lifelong Caring: Care Giving across the Life Course in the Context of Population Aging
Jessica Polos

Wednesday, April 18
PAA Practice Talks
[Note: This session is scheduled from 1:30-3:30 PM.]
The Mortality Implications of Disappearing Middle Class Jobs in the United States
Nathan Seltzer
Gender and the Education-Mortality Gradient
Julia Goodwin
The Education Gap in Women’s Earnings: The Role of Fertility Timing
Catherine Doren
Multigenerational Transmission of Child Quantity in Korea 1600-2000
Won-tak Joo
What Part of the Ladder Is Widening? Effect Heterogeneity of Multigenerational Wealth Transmission
Jingying He
Parent-Child Relationship Quality and Children’s Behavioral Outcomes: Do Close Relationships Matter?
Annelise Grant
Nativity, Race, and Health Disparities: The Case of Diabetes
Leafia Ye

Wednesday, April 25
No Seminar: PAA

Monday, April 30
Doing Interdisciplinary Research
Jennifer Beam Dowd, King’s College London & CUNY School of Public Health
[Note: This session is scheduled on Monday, 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM, Room 3470, Sewell Social Science Building]

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