Initiative on Social Genomics

The Initiative on Social Genomics is one of six successful proposals for Cluster Hires at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our aim is for UW to become home to the largest and most innovative group of researchers pursuing topics in Social Genomics in the world.

Our first step is to hire three new tenure track faculty in Social Genomics. Candidates can apply to any of our three positions.
Computational approaches to Social Genomics (PVL# 95311)
Gene-Environment Interplay and/or Epigenetics (PVL# 95310)
Implications of Social Genomics for Social and Public Policy (PVL# 95085)
See our flyer for more information about the Social Genomics Cluster Initiative.

Leaders of the Social Genomics Cluster at CDHA are:

Corinne D. Engelman
Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences
Research interests: Aging and the Life Course, Impacts of Place on Aging Processes, and Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Jason Fletcher
Professor, Sociology
Research interests: Aging and the Life Course, Biodemography, Determinants of Disparities of Aging Trajectories, Health Economics and Health Services Research, and Impacts of Place on Aging Processes

James Li
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Research Interests: Biodemography

Qiongshi Lu
Assistant Professor, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Research interests: Biodemography